— ISE CREAtive Manual


“그런지한 지하철에 등장한 완벽뒤태의 남자..

끝내 얼굴을 보여주지 않았다…”


“나, 오늘 한가한 여자..”


“작~년에 왔~던 각설이가~~ 어디로 갔나 했더니,

뉴욕에 납시었다.”


“이거 다~~내꺼!”

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“Mommy, I don’t like Ralph Lauren~~

 Hm, feel much better with Burberry :) “


“Uh-oh, Those are Pink Ribbons on my skirt not garbage”



“I am not picking my nose..now”

“Watch out your back, dude”

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“Gorgeous Old Lady..”

“I’m waiting, waiting, and….. waiting…”


“Sorry, I’m coming~”


“Show me your Face!”

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 “Are you looking at Me?”


“Uh-oh, That white bubbles are not my hair ACC..”

“Hey, don’t go way~ We are not Bad Grils..”


“Ek….I’m so Sorry, just don’t hit me…””

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 “Cute girl with Hot Pink……..not her.”


“Helloooooo, Dandy guy!”


“Extreme Comparison”


“Hey man, Did you see that too?”

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“Hey, I’m not a DJ just holding my new BAG”


“It’s so important to match color for me on my look.

Today, I’m in Fuchsia. Even my glasses!”


“What?   Something wrong with you?”


“If you want to drink me, you can do like I’m drinking now.”

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