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 “Are you looking at Me?”


“Uh-oh, That white bubbles are not my hair ACC..”

“Hey, don’t go way~ We are not Bad Grils..”


“Ek….I’m so Sorry, just don’t hit me…””

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Rose Mirror | at Stewart/Stand



Double mirror at Stewart/Stand, Other color_Black

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MoMa(Museum of Modern Art) – Contemporary Exhibition

현대미술 특별전의 입구 벽에 게시된 ‘작품’



브라운 종이 백(bag)을 패치하여 만든 작품. Wall Display로도 활용할 수 있을 Idea.




Hair관련 제품의 광고를 독특한 재료를 사용하여 만든 시리즈 작품들.


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Night Manhattan view


Manhattan Skyline


San Remo building

Flatiron BLDG


New York County Supreme Courthouse

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 “Cute girl with Hot Pink……..not her.”


“Helloooooo, Dandy guy!”


“Extreme Comparison”


“Hey man, Did you see that too?”

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Home Deco&Kitchen Store


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